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I could't have asked for more! My instructor was Robert, who's been working with Mathieu for 4 seasons so he really knows what he's doing. He was patient, attentive, humorous and most of all passionate - this guy LOVES kitesurfing! His passion is infectious and he'll make sure you have the best time possible! I couldn't recommend him more. As for the school, Mathieu (the owner) has been into kiteboarding since the start (he helped build the first boards) and his school has a great reputation (everyone will say hi to your instructor on the beach :). They have all the gear you'll need and will help with anything. I used so many kites, 5 meters all the way to 15 meters. They had everything I needed and went the extra mile...picking me up, changing days, squeezing in more lessons. Loved it!! .....should probably add, I did private lessons which was definitely worth it. I had 5 days of lessons - by day two I was up and moving some of the time and by the final day I was powering over waves and landing a few mini (unintentional) jumps :)

Charliec88, visited May 2016

kitesurfing lessons

I am very pleased with the lessons I had with Magalie and Robert this past week. I had taken lessons many years ago so in theory I was just starting out again. I did one group lesson with Robert and then took the 12hr private lessons with Magalie. They went in the water with me to help me with my first water starts which was extremely helpful starting off and got me up on the board! They made me feel safe which is so important for anyone doing this sport. I had started with another school where this was not the case and so tried out this school and I am very pleased that I did. The instructors go over everything with you which is fundamental for things like self rescue technique. I still need practice to stay up on the board and will definitely be called Tarifa Max Kitesurf School when I return to Tarifa in the fall. All of the other students who came on the beach with me for their lessons spoke very highly of their instructors. Someone also recommended highly to me Carlos. Thank you Tarifa Max.

Ripaporta, visited June 2016

“Very well organized kiteschool”

I did 3 days of private courses, and then I rented kites for 6 days. Carlos and Robert were my instructors, they were both friendly and helpful. Mathieu and Rachel helped me with the renting, they were very available as well. Plus I stayed Max Kitesurfing sort of hostel, which was managed by Rachel. The place is very nice, and very well run by Rachel. I definetely recommend Max Kitesurfing for everybody.

Andras, Visited July 2016

sábado, 30 de julho de 2016

28 de Julio, un día perfecto! / 28th July, a perfect day!

Con un viento perfecto empezamos el día! Vimos más sonrisas a cada momento navegando!

With a perfect wind, we started the day! We saw more smiles in each riding moment!

 Avec un vent parfait nous avons commencé la journée. Nous avons vu plus de sourires à chaque moment  de plaisir avec la planche!

Magalie estaba ayudando a Gaya y Thaïs, y las chicas han navegado super bien! Muy bien, chicas!!

Magalie étais à aider Gaya et Thaïs, et les filles on navigué vraiment bien ! Bravo les filles!!

Magalie was helping Gaya and Thaïs, and the girls rode really well! Very good, girls!

Laura y su hija Beatriz, nos enseñaron también que las chicas pueden hacer deportes de acción muy bien! Gracias Robert, que ayudas a nuestras chicas à evolucionar!

Laura and her daughter Beatriz, also showed that girls can do action sports very well! Thank you Robert to help our girls to progress!  

Tuvimos tambien otra família probando el kite! :)

We also had another family trying kitesurfing! :)

sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2016

27 de Julio y seguimos apasionados por el Kitesurf! / 27th July and we still passionate for Kitesurfing!

Hoy recibimos desde grupos de amigos hasta alguien muy motivado para aprender el kitesurf y que hizo una clase privada en Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School.

Today we received groups of friends and someone very motivated to learn kitesurfing, that did a private lesson in Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School.

Empezamos con Nacho y sus amigos que lo pasaron muy bien probando el kitesurf por primera vez! Tenian a Robert como monitor.

We started with Nacho and friends, that had a good time trying kitesurfing for the first time. They had Robert has instructor.

A Ravo le gustan mucho los deportes y está muy motivado para aprender el kitesurf! Adrian los estaba ayudando en clase privada.

Ravo loves the sport and his very motivated to learn Kitesurfing! Adrian was helping him in a private lesson.

Mike y Larse estaban con Mathieu! Muy bien, chicos!

Mike and Larse were with Mathieu! Well done guys!